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Vianden Castle

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14.The Festivity Hall "Vic Abens Hall"

(14) The Festivity Hall (now known as the 'Vic. Abens' hall)
Access is provided by a very beautiful portal, distinguished by a very fine early gothic architecture, although the gothic, oak door does not originate from the castle.
It is a magnificent hall measuring 30.30 x 10,20 meters; with a height of 7 m. Originally the hall was equipped with 2 open fireplaces:
A first one, originating from the former hall and placed in the tower in the center of the hall, a second one is located in the separation wall towards the Little Palace.
Six windows, of genuine gothic style, light the majestic hall. The lower hall is also lit by six windows. On their outside, the windows have two small fine columns with oak foliage capitals which continue on their horizontal line in the stonework. In the center one can also see a small column with an 'oak leaves' capital. In total, there
Were eighteen small columns with window capitals; about the half of them are well preserved.
A gothic door with a more rudimentary lintel leads to the Little Palace.
Today, this hall is used for the cultural events. It is lit by means of bracket lamps.

The hall is dedicated to Vic. Abens (+1993), President and founder of the association 'Friends of the Vianden Castle' from 1978 to 1993, Mayor of Vianden, Member of Luxembourg Parliament for 36 years and also Member of the European Parliament for 12 years.