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Vianden Castle

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5 The lower chapel

In the basement of the lower chapel, excavations revealed remains of a square tower of a width of 10.50 meters. This tower has been identified as a roman 'castellum', having existed from the end of the 3rd to the first or the second half of the 5t' century, during the late Roman period. It appeared to have been destroyed by fire. During the Carolingian period, a first early medieval surrounding wall was built on the ruins of this Roman fortification.
The Chapel, the most remarkable part of the castle, is a double oratory, consisting of two separate floor-levels, which communicate by an opening in the middle. The lower floor was meant for the commoners of the town and the servants. They could follow the religious
Ceremonies through the six-sided opening, without being able to lncnetrate into the castle or to endanger or bother the count and his family seated on the upper level.