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Vianden Castle

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8. The surrounding walk and the upper chapel

The Castle-Chapel, dedicated to St. Anthony, was the first church of Vianden. Hitherto the Basilica of Roth in Germany (erected towards 1136 by the archbishop of Trier, who had transferred it to Frederic I, count of Vianden) was the church of the inhabitants of Vianden.
In 1228 the counts of Vianden surrendered the Basilica of Roth to the Templars, who were also to read mass in the chapel of Vianden.
In 1248 Henry I called the Trinitarians to Vianden, who then celebrated mass in the castle-chapel. The angry Templars claimed that their rights had been hurt, and they even succeeded in having Henri I, Philip I and their wives excommunicated in Rome. The archbishop of'Trier tried to appease the two parties with a compromise by which he divided Vianden into two parishes. The Templars remained in charge of the left bank of the Our river, while the castle chapel became the parish church of the Upper Town.